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Interview with Daniel Gilbert, CEO of BrainLabs

Daniel Gilbert, BrainLabs

In this series, agency brand expert Karla Morales-lee interviews agencies that stand out from the crowd on what makes them different and better to the competition?

1. What kind of agency is Brainlabs?

A paid media innovation agency

2. Are you experts of specialists in anything?

We specialise in managing large scale media campaigns using big brains and technology back from the future

Who are your clients and what kind of work do you do for them?

We do some pretty amazing work with Which? Magazine, TSB, Deliveroo, and TUI

3. Any projects we'd have seen or heard of?

I hope so.

4. Why is your business in business? What frustrates you/do you seen as broken that you want to make better?

Most clients are better than their agencies. Agencies should be better than their clients. The accounts which we inherit are generally in pretty poor shape. The other frustration is that our industry is dishonest. The rebate scandal unfolding in the media landscape is comparable to the PPI phenomenon, except no one is going to phone a client to recover the hundreds of thousands of pounds they're owed from agency rebate that have not been passed on. Many media agencies are not transparent, it's just a strap-line.

3. Is their anything specific about your business that makes you stand out from the competition? E.g People, process, services, structure, promotion, pricing, office, culture etc?

All of those things! We don't have a single similarity with our competition

4. How do you raise awareness of your business with clients and the industry? Have you ever done any original marketing for self-promotion? If so, what? What's worked for you?

Our founding mission is to change the future of paid search, which means we can't keep all of our innovations secret, however tempting.As such, we have open-sourced several of our AdWords scripts for the benefit of other advertisers and to push the whole industry forward

5. 10 years from now you are awarded 'Agency of the decade' for a leading trade publication. Complete this sentence from the opening paragraph:

"Brainlabs has been named AOD because... " Is there an agency of the century award?

Does you agency need differentiating? Contact karla@hunterandfarmer.com for more information on how you can identify, articulate and market what makes your agency different and better.

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