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Interview with Steven Bartlett, CEO of The Social Chain

Steve Bartlett, The Social Chain

In this series, agency brand expert Karla Morales-lee interviews agencies that stand out from the crowd on what makes them different and better to the competition?

1. What kind of agency is TSC? Are you experts or specialists in anything? Who are your clients and what kind of work do you do for them? Any projects we'd have seen or heard of?

Social Chain at its core specialises in Social Media Marketing, although it has a very strong USP in that Social Chain is the largest media owner in the world on social networks. We own some of the largest communities on social media, including the world’s biggest online sports brand with over 15 million followers across social platforms, and the world’s biggest food page on Instagram, we have a total reach of over 300 million followers worldwide.

Our clients are some of the world’s biggest brands, from Apple & 20th Century Fox to McDonalds, Universal and Spotify, mainly youth focused brands. We create online movements for these brands, generating huge interest around their products, services & events.

One project recently that has been getting large amount of press in the marketing industry was our activation for leading fashion brand, BooHoo, where we created the most engaged branded Facebook LIVE stream ever, driving over 750,000 comments. Social Chain actually holds the record for the top 5 most engaged live streams by any brand.

2. Why is your business in business? What frustrates you/do you seen as broken that you want to make better?

I think that Social Chain is in business because of the people we have here. Constantly pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves to be better than we were yesterday.

I think that a lot of brands out there, especially ones that are just launching or launching new products, are making the mistake of assuming that people care about what they do, and when they create their messaging, they are creating it from the wrong standing. In reality, we should always assume as marketeers that the audience we’re trying to reach are too busy or engaged in something else, when we do this we see the creation of our messaging as what it always should be in this day and age – a desperate battle to win attention. If we do this, our messaging will be much more compelling in a bid to capture people’s attention in a noise-filled social landscape.

3. Is their anything specific about your business that makes you stand out from the competition? E.g People, process, services, structure, promotion, pricing, office, culture etc?

We own some of the world’s biggest communities on Social Media, we have a great office and culture, our campaigns have been record-breaking and award-winning, but above all, what I believe makes us stand out from the competition is the people. They are the ones who drive the campaigns that can generate 750,000 comments on a Facebook post in an hour, or make anything trend on Twitter in 30 minutes. They are the ones who are always striving to innovate and create great work for our clients.

4. How do you raise awareness of your business with clients and the industry? Have you ever done any original marketing for self-promotion? If so, what? What's worked for you?

Storytelling has played a large part in Social Chain being where it is today. I think it’s something that’s heavily under-used by marketers, the power of telling stories, and we’re fortunate enough to be invited to tell that story at marketing conferences all over the world.

5. 10 years from now you are awarded 'Agency of the decade'. Complete this sentence from the opening paragraph:

"TSC has been named AOD because... "

It's team has strived to create an agile culture of pushing the boundaries and constantly challenging itself to go even bigger than it did last year.


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