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How can I get more incoming new business for my agency?

By Karla Morales-Lee

As a new business consultant at Hunter & Farmer, the question I am most commonly asked is, “how can we get more incoming new business?” As the co-founder of The UK Agency Awards and The Art of New Business events, I have seen hundreds of case studies on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to attracting new clients.

In short, the winning of new business from cold is about having a compelling message, one that your marketing is in place to help you own in the marketplace. This is nothing new, but few agencies take this approach to winning new business. The ones that do attract the right clients, have a higher conversion rate, don’t pitch for free and charge more money.

Having a new business strategy is the first step to having more incoming new business and a far happier existence!


You need to know what your agency is and isn’t. Being right for everyone is to be right for no one.

Speak to your stakeholders. If you want to know what makes your company compelling to clients, it’s a really good start to actually ask your clients! And your employees! But don’t do it yourself or you’ll get a skewed answer. Hire someone external to do it.
Look at your competition. How are they positioning and marketing themselves? Are you standing out from the crowd with your message and marketing in comparison to theirs?
Look at the market. How are things changing? Interview the press and intermediaries and ask them what’s happening in your discipline and what client’s want?
Look at yourselves. What do you do really well? Why do client's hire you? What are you long-term objectives? What kind of business and lifestyle do you want to have?


Your marketing will be far more effective in attracting new business if it is orchestrated around an organising idea. Once you have a position, craft a brand idea from which all your marketing can be built around.

Having a positioning and supporting message makes it far simpler to decide things like:

What to talk about at events
What to write about on and offline
How to structure your credentials
How to structure your website
What PR activity to do
I could go on…

Think of it like a painter. You have a vision for what you want to paint (your organising idea) and a number of colours you can dial up and dial down for different parts (supporting messages to feed into various marketing activities).

If you'd like to know more about my highly effective 8-week process (link to my process page) that delivers everything in step one and two, email me at karla@hunterandfarmer.com.

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