Is your agency positioned for growth?

The world today is saturated with agencies that look, sound and offer exactly the same. As a result, clients have all the power, benefiting from a huge imbalance between supply and demand. The agencies that clearly communicate a compelling point of difference stand out. The problem is most agencies only play lip service to the positioning process, resulting in years of ineffective business development.

In early 2011, Karla Morales-Lee founded Hunter & Farmer to do one thing: build agency brands. Rather than selling what they do as a list of services, Karla helps her clients to identify the true value of what they deliver. She then works with them to articulate and market this difference in a compelling way, making it easier for clients to buy them.

The Hunter & Farmer approach is simple, fast, rigorous, and improves the effectiveness of our clients’ business development efforts.

Karla has worked with over 40 creative companies including:
101 London, Karmarama, BLUP, ID Comms, Accept & Proceed, Decideware and Rehabstudio.


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